Google Now released on iOS [VIDEO]


Google Now has been exclusive to Android for quite some time, but Google does not want to stay locked to its own mobile OS. The idea is to spread Google’s services to every screen out there, and today it is iOS’ turn to shine. The Search Giant has released Google Now to iPhone and iPad users as an update to the Google Search app.

Google Now for iOS has its up and downs. It is not as integrated to the platform as Android’s (because it can’t be), but it also offers some very cool features we don’t see in Android’s version. The iOS and Android Google Now apps are really two completely different monsters.

Not only does Apple hold control over iOS, but it seems like Google is also trying to integrate all of its services into Google Now. This would ensure that users use Google’s services much more often, as their apps are not installed in iOS devices by default. In a way, this is what I like most about the iOS version of Google Now, though.

iOS-google-now-2The app welcomes you with what looks like the normal Google Search app. It has an apps section, which allows you to open most of Google’s services straight from Google Search (it has its own browser). You can also use voice search and access your search history. If you want to access your Google Now cards, you can simply swipe up from the bottom and voila! Your cards will spread throughout the screen and the Google Now interface will appear.

The app looks really nice and the animations really draw you into the experience, something iOS is known for. You can get it by simply downloading Google Search from the Apple App Store, or updating it if you already have it installed.

Ultimately it’s up to the user to choose from Android and iOS Google Now. Do you prefer awesome animations and a unified ecosystem for Google’s services? Would you rather have Google’s complete integration with Android? Check out the video and let us know what you think!