Google Now shows up in Chrome Canary – solid evidence that it’s coming


We have been hearing rumors about Android’s Google Now coming to Chrome, but today we have some solid evidence of the service’s existence. Google Now has shown up as an experimental feature in Google Chrome Canary!


If you haven’t heard of Chrome Canary, it is a version of Google Chrome that is purely meant for developers and early adopters. It gives you access to the latest feature before they arrive to the consumer version of Chrome. Of course, this means the browser will more often see bugs and other issues. But if it means we will be able to test Google Now before everyone else I am all in!

Sadly, us mere can’t use it just yet. Even though the feature is said to be available for Chrome OS and Windows, it asks for a server address. We assume only the big boys at Google have access to this information. We will simply have to wait for future news. For now, we can all go to chrome://flags on Chrome Canary, scroll all the way down and salivate over the idea of this feature coming in the near future.

[Via: Reddit user ajdrausal]