Google making a big push into manufacturing devices


It was definitely a surprise to see Google selling Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 billion. It hasn’t even been a year since Google acquired the smartphone manufacturer, but it seems they have other plans in mind and no longer need Moto. The Search Giant also recently acquired Nest, and not for its thermostats and smoke detectors!

New reports state that Google is looking at a much bigger picture here. The Nest team is said to become Google’s hardware team. They will not be focused only on their popular thermostats and smoke detectors. Google simply wanted to get a great production team.


We must say the guys at Nest do have a very good taste in design and surely know how to manufacture their products. And it’s to be expected – Nest founder and CEO Tony Fadell played an important role in Apple’s iPod and iPhone.

The Chromebook Pixel is proof of Google’s hardware potential. Even the Nexus Q was an amazingly-designed device (even if it was not that great of a concept). We can only imagine how great Google’s hardware can be with the proper team.

We are not sure exactly what kind of hardware the Next team will be working on, but let’s hope we see a successor to the Pixel (hopefully with a lower price)!

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