Google’s Nest acquisition now completed!


Google announced they were buying Nest Labs for $3.2 billion, last month. These deals don’t get completed right away, though. Going through the usual procedures takes some time, but the FTC quickly approved it and Google officially owns Nest as of last Friday.

nest-adNest Labs is known for making smart thermostats and smoke detectors, so we weren’t sure what Google was planning to do with this company. We even came up with some interesting ideas for integrating smart technology into Google’s services, but it seems that is not really the plan.

We more recently found out Google is investing to bring Nest into the hardware department, meaning they might very well be making Chromebooks in the future! We are not sure that will happen either, but Nest has an amazing twist in design. Their products are very well-built and look very appealing.

Nest Labs will not work completely separate from Google, but it’s said they will have a certain level of independence. We welcome them and hope they can make Google products and services even better!