New Motorola branding unveiled, screams Google

Motorola has unveiled their new branding, clearly displaying their involvement with the Search Giant. Not only in design, Motorola’s logo states that it’s “a Google company”.

motorola-logo-a-google-company (1)

Google’s acquisition of Motorola was one of the biggest news in tech last year, but so far both companies have been operating as separate entities. We haven’t seen either company’s involvement with the other becoming to prevalent, but we suspected it was coming. This is simply the first step.

Though Google did mention the deal was mostly done to expand its patent portfolio, they also expressed that working with Motorola could help their efforts in the mobile industry.

In fact, Google’s fact page on Motorola’s acquisition states that Motorola would help Google “accelerate innovation and choice in mobile computing. Consumers will get better phones at lower prices.”

We know Motorola is working closely with Google to bring the Moto X, but just how much will these two companies end up merging? Will we ever see a Motorola Chromebook? The idea doesn’t seem too crazy to me.

[via Phandroid]