Google Mine leaked, said to enable Google+ sharing of real items

No one can deny Google is the king of the internet, but the Search Giant is also expanding to the streets. Google products are starting to appear everywhere, including Android devices, Chromebooks, and even self-driving cars. What is next? According to the latest leak, Google Mine is a service that allows Google+ users to share real life items more easily.


Google Mine is said to keep track of many factors involving loaning goods. One will be able to list what is being loaned, upload pictures, request goods from friends, show items to your Google+ circles and even post videos.

There will be an Android app, which is currently said to be available from Bazaar (Google’s internal app market). The service is also said to include a cool 3D viewer named Katamari, which will run on WebGL and will display your items.

It all seems like a very interesting idea, and we would love to see it at least come out in beta for us to test. I just can’t imagine myself posting products just to lend them to friends. I usually just wait until people ask me for things. Do any of you go out of your way to tell people you are willing to lend them certain things? It will be a weird concept, but maybe Google has a good plan for it.