Google and Microsoft unite to sue the US government


Microsoft and Google are no close friends, but their rivalry is not stopping them from working together. The enemy of an enemy is a friend, right? These tech super powers are getting together to sue the NSA (National Security Agency) over the lack of freedom they have with information regarding FISA (Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act) orders.

Google and Microsoft believe that, under their constitutional rights, they should be allowed to be more transparent with FISA orders information. This would include publishing the amount of national security demands for user data, like the text of emails.

Both companies believe this could be done without putting national security at risk. Of course, the government disagrees and doesn’t seem to be willing to cooperate after multiple complaints and attempts. This is why Google and Microsoft find themselves forced to takes things a step further.

We just have to wonder if our constitutional rights are really being hurt here. True, our country prides itself in freedom of speech and expression, but there is also unwritten rules. We don’t have COMPLETE freedom of speech. Could this information fall under those instances in which it’s ok to regulate press? Will it put the country at danger? What do you think?