Google introduces Chrome Canary

Chrome canary
For the hardcore Chrome fan there’s something new to try: the google Chrome Canary version.

So what ‘s a canary version? Well, it’s a mining term. When miners used to go down dangerous dark mining shafts, they used to bring canaries (those little birds) with them.
As coal mines became deeper, so did the problems of ventilation in the shafts.
Gas was a big issue in the mines, because without enough
oxygen in the air, the miners would perish. If there was any methane gas , the canaries would die and that made them a sad, low-tech early warning system.

Mark Larson, an engineering manager at Google, explained, “The data we get back from canary users – especially crash statistics – helps us find and fix regressions faster.”
It’s a bit of a sad name as the canaries never lived to tell the tale! Chrome canary users don’t run quite that much risk: Google’s made it so that people can run two Chrome builds side by side, and Larson stated, “When something doesn’t work on the canary, I can just fall back to my Beta Google Chrome.”
So why do I still feel bad for the canary?