Google launches Helpouts: get advice from experts via Hangouts

The web’s power relies in information. We are a generation of self-taught individuals. You can learn anything thanks to the internet, as all the information is somewhere online for the taking. There is still something important about the human interaction, though. Having an expert explain to you what you need. Google merges both worlds with Helpouts, which has been released today.

In Google Helpouts you can find experts that will help you out via Google Hangouts (video call). Need help cooking? Maybe you need help with math for your next exam. Or you want a personal Yoga class from your favorite Yoga expert. You can find experts from all walks of life.

Only major companies and renowned experts have been approved until now, though. It seems Google has been performing full background checks for the first round of Helpouts members. Some Helpouts will be free, while other Helpout members will charge for their services. Some charge per Helpout, others per minute, and others for both. It all depends on the level of expertise and popularity, of course.

I actually started an Archery Helpout but my entry is still pending review. We will see how it works. Go to the Google Helpouts site and check out all the services you can get. Will you be “Helping Out” or receiving help from Helpout’s experts?

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