Google Fiber launches in Kansas City – fastest internet, lower prices

We have been waiting for Google Fiber to start offering (real) high-speed internet in the US. The wait has been long, and will continue for those outside of Kansas City, but we must say it is completely worth it. With Google Fiber’s launch in Kansas City, users can now take advantage of data speeds and prices that can put any competing provider out of business. It really is a huge step in the history of the web.

Prices start at $0 for 5 MB per second. This counts for both upload and download speeds. You would be right if you thought there must be some kind of a catch, though. Those who sign up for free internet will be the only ones that have to pay a $300 construction (or installation) fee. This fee can be divided in 12 monthly payments of $25 for a year. After that, you are free to use the internet as you please.

While the free internet is enticing, what we are really looking for are those amazing 1 GB per second speeds Google has been boasting since Fiber’s announcement. Those that want the fastest of the fastest can opt for different subscriptions. You can simply get internet at $70 per month or add Google’s TV service for a total of $120 per month. Yes, this includes those promised 1 Gbps (upload/download) data speeds and full TV service, with a waived “construction fee.” But Google will even throw in a Nexus 7 for those that go with the higher plan.

And if that isn’t enough of a deal, you can even opt in for a Samsung Chromebook, with prices starting at $299. A good $100 less than what the cheapest Samsung Chromebook device currently goes for.

The Search Giant is coming in slowly, but very strong. We can just see how competing companies felt while watching the announcement of a service that will destroy any future plans they may have been planning. At least in participating cities, that is; currently only including Kansas City. Providers will simply have to lower their prices too much to be able to compete.

Needless to say this will mark the beginning of a much more accessible and faster web. Chrome and Android are being pushed very hard along with Google Fiber, making Google stronger than ever. Now all we have left to do is wait until all of us get the chance to sign up. I will be in line, will you?

Also, for those that live in Kansas City: We are incredibly jealous. But aside from that, are you dropping your current provider for Google Fiber?

[Source: Google Via: Phandroid]