Google event scheduled for July 24 – what will we see?

Google-press-invite-July-24thGoogle is ready to announce some goodies as it sends invitations to press for an event next week. We are not sure what the event could be all about, but Google is taking a casual approach by simply asking to “join them for breakfast with Sundar Pichai.”

Sundar Pichai is still running the Chrome and Chromium department at Google, but he has also replaced Andy Rubin and taken over as Android’s leader. This means we could potentially see some Chrome-related news come out of this event, but we believe it will probably be more Android-related.

We believe this because rumors have been slow on the Chrome side of things. We know Acer, ASUS and others might be releasing with new Chromebooks, but we are not sure this is what we will see at Pichai’s breakfast. Odds are they will announce something along the lines of a new Android version, the Moto X or new Nexus 7 – all of which have been heavily rumored lately.

It should be an exciting event for all Google fans, so we will be there just in case. Google could still surprise us! Stay tuned for any possible Chrome news that may come out of this.

[via Phandroid]