You can watch the Breakfast with Sundar Pichai Google event here!

We are having breakfast with Sundar Pichai in less than an hour and want you to join us! Google is streaming the event live and you can find it right here (above).

The new Nexus 7 has appeared at Best Buy’s site, so we are almost 100% sure that will be one of the hot topics in the event. Along with Android 4.3, of course. Aside from that, we are not sure what else we could be expecting.

Rumors of a Chromecast device started circulating last night, when this service/device showed up in Google support page for a short while. We are not sure what it is, but it could very well be something related to the Chromekey we heard about last month.

Let’s find out what Google has under its sleeve! See you at 9:00 AM Pacific!