Google Enabling Businesses and Schools With ChromeBooks for Rent

Remember that goal of getting a netbook into the hands of school children and students everywhere? Google’s just about ready to make that dream come true. Following the announcement of a new pair of ChromeBooks – one from Samsung and one from ASUS – at their I/O day 2 keynote, Google announced that schools will be able to rent ChromeBooks for as little as $20 per month per student.

Details are a bit scarce right now (we don’t know if you’ll end up needing to sign a long-term contract) but it sounds like it’ll be a great affordable option for schools who are moving to cloud-based solutions for digital computing.

Alongside schools, businesses can do the same for their employees. And Google didn’t inflate the price all that much – they just want $28 per month per employee. This comes with support, warranty and all of the necessary security features and applications an employee needs to take their computing away from their office.

This obviously won’t be of much interest to schools and businesses who need applications not built for the web, but considering these industries are headed in that direction it’s great that they were able to get a head start. Look out for these programs to begin one