Google earnings show how Chromebooks, Chromecast and other hardware is succeeding


Google recently held its 4th quarter, 2013 earnings report. It’s no surprise to see that the company is thriving with $16.86 billion in revenues. It’s even more exciting to see that Google is growing in the hardware and Google Play Store department.

It’s now clear why Google is trying to invest so much in hardware development. Non-search revenue grew by 99% compared to 3rd quarter, 2012! Google did highlight Chromebooks and their success in classrooms. They also credit YouTube, the Play Store and Chromecast for their success.

It’s obvious to see the Play Store doing well, knowing Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. In terms of hardware, Nexus 5 and the Chromecast get all the glory this quarter. The Chromecast became extremely popular with a low price and great functionality.

Tu summarize: Google is doing great (as always). But what matters more to us is the fact that Google is putting such a strong focus on hardware and its popular Chrome services. We know Google is working hard to push more content into the Chromecast, Chromebooks continue to thrive and they are focusing on improving their hardware team.

Hit the source link if you want to see more details on the earnings report! 2014 is proving to be a very interesting year for Google as they make some pretty huge decisions. And you can be sure Chrome is a big part of it!