Google to punish smartphone unfriendly sites


How many times have you accessed a link from your smartphone only to find out it redirects you somewhere else in the site? It happens often enough to cause a few headaches, so Google has promised to down-rank sites with these issues in order to improve the smartphone web experience.

Having a good web smartphone experience is very important. The smaller screens give us less room to look around for the right site. Not to mention browsing around faulty sites will waste data, time and battery. Down-ranking sites with smartphone issues will not only help avoid running into these problems, but it will also entice web developers to improve upon them.

N1 redirectsGoogle mentions that the most common mistakes are when URL’s redirect you to a site’s homepage. This happens to me from time to time and it is really quite annoying. Most times I just give up and end up not seeing the content I originally wanted to see – even though it sounded interesting.

Another big issue is sites not serving content to smartphones at all. That is right, sometimes the links don’t even show the full-desktop version. Such sites would only be accessible via a computer, making the experience a very annoying one.

Google goes into detail on how to fix these issues, so go ahead and check out their tips if you are a website owner. But just out of curiosity, how often do you guys run into issues like these?