Google will disable all white-listed apps in the preview Cast SDK


There may have been some misunderstandings with the way Google released the Chromecast SDK. There was a preview Google Cast SDK released, in which apps were allowed to be whitelisted for testing purposes. These whitelisted apps were not meant to be commercially available until the official SDK was released, which is why Google is dropping support for them.

This doesn’t mean these apps will not be allowed in the Play Store with Chromecast support. Google is simply warning developers that they should not still be using the preview SDK. Those who want to develop Chromecast apps can do so using the official Google Cast SDK, which was released last February.

All App IDs that were whitelisted for the preview SDK will be disabled on March 17. Developers can move on to the official Google Cast SDK and use the Google Cast Developer Console to manage their app IDs.

So, there you go, developers. Don’t let this catch you off guard. Make sure you are using the official Google Cast SDK and not the preview. You would not want your Chroemcast-supported apps to break.

[Google Developers]