Google developing Iphone web app for Voice

After Apple famously yanked Google´s Voice app from its Iphone store the web´s been abuzz with the Apple vs Google war.  Well, according to the New York Times, Google is developing an iPhone Web app for its Google Voice service.

Apple´s rejection of the Voice app even prompted an FCC investigation of the incident. Which also sparked a lot of debate. Rumor had it that AT&T was the reason behind the Voice rejection. AT&T has denied any involvement.

Still, Google isn’t hanging around for the FCC to fix things. And actually, I think Apple is well within its rights to reject whatever they want in their own store.

Google has taken matters into their own hands and  is doing the next logical thing and turning their rejected Voice app into an iPhone Web app. Which, some have argued, and I agree, they should have done in the first place, with all their “web apps are the future-talk”.

I´d actually never even heard of iPhone Web apps, and a quick survey among Iphone owners I know reveiled that none of them did either, so this might get people to notice they exist!