Google Cloud Print Has Connected 6 Million Printers

With the release of Chrome 16, Google finally enabled its Cloud Print service for everyone who uses its Chrome browser. Previously, the service was limited only to Chromebooks. With this release, Google says it has connected more than 6 million printers via Cloud Print, which is the first information the company has released about the service. Cloud Print is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linx operating systems and will allow you to print a web page directly to your home printer, no matter where you are using Cloud Print.

The service was first introduced in April of  2010 for Google’s Chromebooks and we’re pretty sure the growth of the Cloud Print service is directly correlated to Chrome 16 allowing anyone to use the service. I’ve got to hand it to Google, they’ve made some amazing innovations in browser technology. I haven’t used Firefox in a good two years and it seems the rest of the world is making the switch, too. At the rate Google is adding useful features to Chrome, it’s likely to put a much wider gap between Internet Explorer more quickly than anyone could expect.

[via eWeek]