Google and Cisco sign cross-licensing patent agreement


While other companies are feeding the patent wars, Google is fighting to get rid of them. The Search giant recently signed a 10-year patent cross-licensing agreement with Samsung, but Google isn’t stoping there. They have partnered with another company today – Cisco.

Cisco is better known for its networking equipment. As a consumer, you probably know them better for their WiFi routers, meaning their patents should be related to such technology.

Unlike Google’s deal with Samsung, Cisco’s deal longevity is unknown. All we know is that it’s a “long-term patent cross-licensing agreement covering a broad range of products and technologies.”

“Our agreement with Cisco will reduce the potential for litigation, letting us focus instead on building great new products. We’re pleased to enter into this cross-license, and we welcome discussions with any company interested in a similar arrangement.” -Allen Lo, Google’s Deputy General Counsel for Patents

It looks like Google is doing the right thing to avoid legal problems and spark innovation. Let’s hope more deals like this can be achieved, the industry really needs it.