Google Chrome safety: will it be enough?

Google Chrome safety
Google Chrome safety

We’ve been speculating so much about Chrome OS, but nobody’s really sure what it’ll be able to actually DO once it’s launched. Or how they plan to protect it. Google’s VP of product management, Sundar Pichai, shed some light at the Web 2.0 Summit.

Sundar Pichai said he that as people are using web-based applications like Google’s office suite, Gmail and Google Wave then the browser practically becomes an OSf. He promised the future OS users:
“… they don’t manage software, they don’t manage data, everything is in the cloud.”

Sounds good, no more installing, or maintaining of software on PCs. but what about that Big Issue, Safety?
How many people suffered when Gmail as down a few weeks ago? And when all your data is in the cloud won’t that be like a big bull’s eye for every hacker in the world? Imagine the competition to be the first guy to hck Chrome OS?

Personally, I’d want to know a lot more before I stall all my data in the cloud.