Google testing new Chrome permission request bubbles – do you think they’re better?

Google has been making a bigger effort to keep Chrome safe, lately. Software is never perfect, though, so it’s an ongoing struggle. They can’t just block everything because that also limits the user experience, but they can make you more aware of what’s going on.

What’s Google’s plan?

Google is currently contemplating the idea of converting permission request infobars into bubble notifications. The team argues that this technique might make the permission request more noticeable, improving the website’s experience while keeping you safe. Here’s how it would look:


Which permission request is better?

I bring this up because I am not exactly sure this new permission request design would actually make it more noticeable, which is it the bubble’s main purpose. I feel like the infobar is MUCH more noticeable. It goes from side to side, covering more space, and it’s color difference makes it pop more.


I actually believe the bubble design would make it less noticeable, but it would also make it look cleaner and nicer. And it’s not like it would be hidden, either, so you shouldn’t miss it most times. Let us know what you think! Which one would you prefer, and why?

What else is Google doing to keep Chrome safe?

We mentioned above that Google is working hard to keep Chrome and Chrome OS as safe as possible. Not only that, but they are also working on keeping the experience as smooth and fun as always. To learn more, check out the articles listed below.

[François Beaufort]