Google: Chrome os should be like “switching on a tv”

Google s Vinay Goel
Google 's Vinay Goel

I like that metaphor. In a recent interview Vinay Goel, Google’s Country Head of products in India said that Chrome OS should just be like switching on a tv, and I think he’s right on the money.

“Windows XP takes ‘forever’ to boot up.” Said Goel, “I can go down, have my cup of tea and come back, it will be ready as it takes four minutes for it to start. Our OS is not about features.”

Not the features then, but the speed is going to make Chrome OS the biggest thing since sliced bread. As Vinay points out, computing has changed, but most operating systems haven’t:
“If you look at the way computing has evolved and look at today’s OS, all the popular ones pre-date the Web. People spend 99 percent of their time on browsers, then why is that we are still beholding OS that are 15 years old that were formed with desktop operations in mind? We should move to an application-based system, where it does not matter how many applications are there, boot-up time should be at its minimal.”

I’m with Goel. And here’s his punchline: “It should be like a TV where you switch it on and voila your programs start right away. This is really the promise of Google’s OS, Chrome.”

Btw, if you google Vinay Goel, the first image you get is a girl in a bikini. Nice looking girl as well. Just thought you’d like to know….