Google brings Chrome Apps to Android and iOS


Google has a huge selection of mobile Apps, both of its own and from other developers (in the Google Play Store). With Android being the most popular mobile platform, the Search Giant has a strong foothold in the mobile industry. Now, this doesn’t mean they are stopping there!

In an effort to improve the mobile experience, Google is also bringing Chrome Apps to Android and iOS! We have heard of Google working to create a dev toolkit to help developers port their apps to Android and iOS. Rumors of this came to light last December, but Google has now launched this project.

The company is offering a early developer preview of a toolchain based on Apache Cordova, which consists of a set of APIs that allow developers to access native device functions. Here is an example of a Chrome App from OS X running on Android:


Many believe Chrome and Android will somehow merge in the future. This could be true or not, but this certainly is a big step towards such future. If you are a developer, or are interested in more details, you can go ahead and check the source link!