Google Checkout being retired


Google has been letting go of some of its lately, but it is all for the better. These services are being let go to make room for (hopefully better) future services. We most recently saw our beloved Google Reader being axed. Today is Google Checkout’s turn.

Google Checkout for merchants is being discontinued and users have until Nov. 20th (6 months) to replace the system. Of course, this is for a reason. Google Wallet happens to have the same functionality, but with more features.

Google mentions it is not offering a direct replacement, but Google Wallet Instant Buy is very close to being one. Google has also partnered with Braintree Payments, Shopify and Freshbooks, though. Checkout users will be able to use these services for a discounted price.

We know it’s hard to see Google services go, but are starting to get used to it now. Hopefully better things come around! If you need more information you can head to Google Checkout’s announcement post to see all the details and tips.

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