Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s 2014 predictions

What does the head of Google have to say for 2014? Surely, there are many thoughts rushing through his head, but what is he predicting for next year? Well, Bloomberg has asked him just that and we got a very interesting response.

Smartphone usage will continue to grow

Google CEO Eric Schmidt goes on to talk about how Android/smartphones are going to keep growing and becoming important. He believes soon everyone will have a smartphone, which will boost everything. Schmidt also sees a lot of growth in advertising and social networking.

“Our biggest mistake was overlooking social networking”


Eric Schmidt mentions his biggest mistake was overlooking social media, which they are trying to make up for. We have seen Google’s social networking efforts as they keep strongly pushing Google+. The Search Giant even forced Google+ comments on YouTube, despite the fact it made MANY users upset.

We are not quite sure about the social media argument. Does a company like Google really need to get so much into the social world? Well, a good search engine should combine your preferences and personal information to give you better results. At the same time, some believe Google+ is not the right answer.

What about Chromebooks?


It’s a bit sad that Eric Schmidt didn’t directly address Chrome OS, Chromebooks or even Chrome, but we know 2014 will be a big year for Chrome. Chromebooks accounted for 21% of laptop sales in the US in 2013, which is a huge victory. We are sure 2014 will get even better!

Don’t forget the Chromecast. The HDMI dongle has received incredible adoption and it will only get better. At only $35, it has become my best tech investment in 2013.