Is Google going to blackmail you into joining Google+?


College Humor has put together a fun video that might make some Google users open their eyes a bit to how Google is running things. In short, the video goes into how the Search Giant is trying too hard to make Google+ succeed. They are going pretty far for Google+, but will they ever (nearly) force people to use it?

In a way, they have started doing so. YouTube users are now forced to use Google+ for commenting on YouTube videos. This recent update to the YouTube comments system caused an uproar within the community, but in the grand scheme of thing it still continues to be a small issue. The question is – will Google go further? Here’s College Humor’s take on it.

So this is taking things to the extreme. We doubt Google is ever going to blackmail us into joining Gogole+, but we believe they will make it more complicated to use all of Google’s services without using Google+.

Think about it, search results are already customized with Google’s social network data, YouTube has incorporated Google+ comments and so has Blogger (optional for Blogger). Google+ is getting deeply integrated into Google’s core and it’s hard to see it going away.

This does bring another topic to the table, though. Does Google have too much information about our private life?