Chrome’s new Google Bar makes transitioning between services easy across all devices


Chrome fans are all about Google services. Most of us all the main ones and it works great, but Google is trying to make using multiple of its services in multiple devices easier. The Search Giant has just announced its brand new Google Bar, a tool that will let you seamlessly transition between multiple services and platforms.

Google_app_launcher_screenshotThe bar would be present through all Google sites in a browser, much like the current one. The new bar features a few shortcuts, as well as an app drawer with links to your favorite Google services and websites. Including YouTube, Maps, Gmail, Drive and the Google Play Store.

This bar will not only be available for computers, but also for Android and Chromebook users. It will really make you feel at home whether you are checking out your email in your tablet or working on Drive from your computer.

I am looking forward to checking it out! The new bar will be rolling out over the “next few weeks” (as usual), so keep an eye open for it!