Rumored Google “Babel” unified messaging service gets detailed

Rumors of a unified messaging service from Google have been present since February, but the rumor mill started spinning at full speed recently. Reports and rumors have been hinting at a possible name. It was believed to be “Babble” at first, but more details have emerged with a much more reasonable name and details about the upcoming service.


Droid Life’s sources mention the name is, in fact, “Babel”. At least this would be the name used internally, and it would make much more sense than Babble. The Tower of Babel is the Bible’s way of explaining the birth of different languages across the world. Before then, the world was said to have only one common language (according to the Bible). Google could be playing with the meaning of this story and linking it to its messaging services.

Google Voice, Google+ Messenger and Google Talk are all from the same “creator” (Google), but they can’t communicate with each other. Google’s “Babel” should break that effect not only by unifying all the services, but also breaking boundaries across platforms. Rumored platforms being tested include Android, iOS, Chrome, Google+ and Gmail.

According to the sources, this is what Babel will offer:

  • Access the same conversation list from anywhere
  • A new, conversation-based UI
  • Advanced group conversations
  • Ability to send pictures
  • Improved notifications across devices

Do remember rumored information can be wrong or may change, so always take these details with a grain of salt. More information will surely rise, though, and we will be here to let you know all about it.


[Source: Droid Life]