Google Babel leaks, displays what it could look like in Gmail


Google’s unified messaging service has been the topic of interest around here these past few weeks. The services promises to integrate Google’s messaging services, resulting in a product that offers the best of all. Rumors indicate that this will come to Gmail, as well, and today’s leaks may be proof of that.

These images come from Tech Radar’s sources, who claim to be Google employees. The screen shot above displays a feedback link, asking the user what he thinks of Babel in Gmail. The Gmail chat window also looks a bit different, displaying a much more personalized UI. The user’s image would be displayed in the top-left corner, and many more features seem to be present.

babel_settings-900-90For example, the image to the right shows that one will be able to send images, but these have to somehow be linked to Google+. One will have sign-in to Google’s social network, which doesn’t make much sense. Google+ and all of its messaging services are linked to your Google account – why would you need to sign in?

Other images display multiple options and emoticons one can use during a conversation. But before we take these images as a given we must consider the source. According to Tech Radar, this is a new source who claims to be a Google employee. The supposed Googler did not use a Google (or even Gmail) email address, so we are not sure how legit these photos are. Take it with a grain of salt and let’s hope we hear more about this soon!

[via Tech Radar]