Google working on auto-update for Android’s WebView (UPDATE: Google’s statement)


Google announced a new WebView (read our previous post to learn more about WebView) for Android when they unveiled Android 4.4. The new WebView would be based on Chrome, giving it more stability and better compatibility. There is much more WebView could benefit from, though, one being auto-updates.

Chrome updates automatically, without the need to manually download any files or go out of your way. It just happens. This is good for keeping users from using old version of Chrome, which may be outdated or incompatible with new services. Since it’s based on Chrome, WebView should be able to support auto-updates as well, but will it?

Google says they are working hard on it! They mention “there are large engineering and logistical challenges, but we’re not quite there yet and are working on it.” This will ensure users and developers have smooth transitions between updates and are able to enjoy WebView content better.

This means it should take a while for auto-updates to be implemented into WebView for Android, but it should eventually happen.



Google has finally issued a statement regarding the HP Chromebook 11 sales pause. It seems there is a problem with the charger. Many users have been reporting overheating chargers, which many times become unusable due to the same issue.

Google will be working with HP to fix the problem. Meanwhile, the Search Giant advices current HP Chromebook 11 owners not to use the stock charger. Instead, you can use any other Underwriters Laboratories-listed chargers, which usually come with your microUSB devices. Current users will probably get the issue fixed.

Good thing the new laptop uses microUSB to charge, right?!