Google Adding Voice Search Integration on

Honestly, its hard not to love Google. They’re always thinking outside the box and try to bring us everyday innovations to help us in our daily lives. A few days ago, Google began experimenting by allowing some lucky users to search using nothing more than their computer’s built in microphone. Keep in mind this feature is not enabled for everyone and, like most things Google, its still very “beta.”

Google has already added speech-to-text in their latest version of their Chrome browser that was released last week and we’ve seen it for sometime in their Android OS. The coolest part about this new innovation is that it opens up this feature to everyone no matter which browser they’re using. Who knows, it might even convert a few Firefox and IE9 faithful to Google’s wonderful Chrome browser.

So if you’re feeling lucky, give your keyboard a rest and jump on to right now and look for your own tiny microphone next to the Google search bar.

[Via ReadWriteWeb]