Google acquires Green Throttle Games, but what for?


Google has been acquiring companies left and right. It seems the Search Giant’s shopping spree is not ending any time soon, as they have gone ahead and purchased yet another company. What is this one all about? We are not quite sure yet, but they acquired Green Throttle Games.

Green Throttle used to sell bluetooth controllers that would work alongside their Arena Android app for those who wanted to play bingo games online. They also sold hardware to connect said controller to a TV. The controller/app never gained much momentum in the market, but the company seems to have good experience and a great staff. This is why Google bought them.

Google seems to be mostly interested in some of Green Throttle’s staff. Google wants Crowley and Townsend (two of three Green Throttle Games CEOs), among others, to join the Google team. Other details about the deal continue to be undisclosed.

What will Google do with Green Throttle Games?


This is the biggest mystery of this acquisition. We are not sure what’s going on with Google’s plans for this acquisition. This is also the reason why we are reporting it. Even though we are not sure if this will somehow affect Chrome services/devices, it very well might.

Some believe Google may be working on releasing a set-top box, which could revolve around gaming and/or TV. It’s anyone’s guess at this point, but I would like to see Chromeboxes with more functionality. TV and gaming being on top of my wish list.

I may be pushing it a bit far. Hell, maybe Google just wants to improve their controller compatibility for Android. Regardless, we will let you know as soon as we find out more. What do you think Google is planning to do with Green Throttle Games?

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