Google merging cloud storage, 15 GB for all your Google services


We are all looking for a seamless cloud experience. We want our devices and services to work together and Google is doing just that with today’s changes. The Search Giant is merging your cloud storage, giving users 15 GB to use across Gmail, Drive and Google+.

Until today, we have been enjoying 10 GB of Gmail storage and 5 GB of Drive & Google+ storage for free. Merging these will help many of us keep things unified and balanced. You may be a heady Drive or Google+ user, and only use 1 GB on your Gmail. This leaves your empty storage unused and going to waste. Now you will be able to compensate between services.

Some of you may not be so happy about this, though. If you are forced to use Gmail a lot you might have to give up some of your storage for other services. Then you will have to go back and delete emails all the time. That would be quite annoying too, but I currently have over 4,000 emails using about 1.6 GB. We believe the vast majority of users won’t find a problem with the new system.

Of course, you can always upgrade your cloud storage capacity. You can get 100 GB for the generous price of $4.99 a month, for example. Not bad, right? Changes will be rolling out within the next couple days so keep an eye open on your Google services to see when it comes to you.