GoldenEye with Mario characters looks fun

Someone has modded GoldenEye 007 with Mario characters and even a level from Super Mario 64. It’s very goofy and definitely something that we’d play all the time if it was an actual game. The mod features various Mario characters and enemies, which you can checkout above.

Here’s the new cast of characters:

James Bond – Mario
Natayla Simonova – Peach
Alec Trevelyan – Luigi
Xenia Onnatop – Daisy
Arkady Ourumov – Bowser
Boris Grishenko – Yoshi
Dimitri Mishkin – Donkey Kong
Valentin Zukovsky – Wario
May Day – Pauline
Oddjob – Toad
Jaws – Waluigi
Baron Samedi – Rainbow Bowser
Soldiers/Civilians/Scients – Koopa Troopas

Wouldn’t it be cool of Nintendo made a first person shooter with their famous style and characters from the Mario universe?