Gmail notifies users of yet another bug


Google hasn’t had a very smooth week! Some Google services went down for a while last week. That was a huge issue, but it was followed by a glitch that was sending thousands of emails to a few users. To make matters worse, Gmail is now notifying users of a bug that may have sent important emails to the spam or trash folder by accident.

gmail-important-noticeAs you can see to the right, this bug may have caused some actions to be taken without your knowledge. To be more exact, it could hace either deleted or reported your messages. If you did this for one of your emails, the bug would then apply it to other messages. Not fun, right?

Not everyone was affected by this bug, but it seems to be linked to Gmail for iOS, Gmail on a mobile browser and offline versions of Google’s email client. If you think you may be affected you should check through your spam and trash folders to see if anything important is there.

Google mentions the issue occurred between January 15 and January 22, so you might want to go through those dates at least. You are on a roll, Google! And not the good kind….