Gmail Notifier Provides Awesome Preview For Chrome Users

If you’re like me, you get WAY too much E-Mail. I think it’s safe to admit that most of us probably spend way too much time refreshing our E-Mail to see if we got anything new. With GMail it auto-refreshes but the question is… how much time do you waste going back to that E-Mail tab in general?

A new Gmail Setting called “Desktop Notifier” will allow you to add incoming e-mails to your notifications. Regardless of what tab you’re visiting in Chrome, when a new E-Mail pops into your inbox a little box will pop onto your screen telling you the sender, subject and brief description. Click on it and it’ll pop that E-mail open.

Right now this is ONLY available to Chrome users so give yourself a pat on the back. What might be even MORE exciting about this is the implications for Chrome OS. While ChromeOS can’t run background apps it can run background Web Apps and these notifications are just what the Dr. Chrome ordered.

Head on over to your GMail, hook up your settings, and enjoy!