Giveaway: Win a copy of Hyrule Historia from Wii U Daily!


We’re as excited as you are waiting for the HD remake of Wind Waker and the new Zelda project that Nintendo has been cooking up, so to tide you over we’re giving away a copy of the recently released Hyrule Historia book, authored by Miyamoto and other key members of the Legend of Zelda team. The book features lore and never before seen artwork from several of the games in the series.

So how do you win? It’s simple! You have the chance to get three entries into the pot by performing a few simple steps. The first is required, the other two are optional:

  1. Comment below and tell us what you’d name the currently in-development Zelda game.
  2. Like Wii U Daily on Facebook to gain an extra tally.
  3. Follow us on Twitter and tweet the hashtag #NameThatZeldaGame for another tally.

The contest will go on until next Friday, so you have until then to think up an awesome name for the game. You need to have your entry below by 11:59PM CST on Friday night (April 12th)  in order to be considered, as I’ll be taking the weekend to total everyone’s chances and pull a random name out of the pot.

So what are you waiting for? Name that Zelda game!