GameStop’s Spring Sale includes deal on pre-owned amiibos


If you’re still looking to fill out your amiibo collection and you don’t mind amiibos that others have traded in, GameStop is having a big Spring Sale right now that includes a pretty spectacular deal on toys-to-life. If you purchase any two pre-owned toys-to-life figures from the Skylanders, Disney Infinity, or Amiibo line, you’ll get an additional two for free. Some of the figures are up on GameStop’s website so you can see what is available, but your local store will have different stock. Interestingly, none of the figures that are available to purchase online are amiibos.

Of course, the toys-to-life deal isn’t the only thing GameStop has on sale this weekend. Other deals include $20 off LEGO Batman 3 on Wii U, as well as some pretty sweet deals on pre-owned Nintendo 3DS units, if you want to buy one of the old models. You’ll get two games under $20 for free, and that deal applies to other consoles as well.

Check your local GameStop to see if they have any pre-owned amiibos available since they seem to be pretty rare and if you want to check out all the deals, you can do so here.