GameFans Podcast #15 – Grand Theft Auto 5 Week

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Grand Theft Auto 5 came out this week. It’s huge. In addition, the GameFans crew takes a look at some rumors that the PS4 will be more powerful than the Xbox One, as well as the fact that Monster Hunter 4 has sold over 2 million units in just four days in Japan. That’s crazy! We’re waiting for a release date here in the United States, but while we wait, why don’t you give this episode a listen?

01:16 Sony news: PS4 production yields are high, BF4 PS3-to-PS4 upgrade for $10, PS4 50% more powerful than Xbox One, PS4Daily Most Anticipated PS4 games poll results
15:15 Nintendo news: Monster Hunter 4 selling well in Japan, white Pro Controller on sale at Best Buy, NSMBU+NSLU bundle in EU, Nintendo showing everyone their indies at Eurogamer Expo
22:04 Microsoft news: MS buys “” web domain, no load screens for Dead Rising 3, MS naming its Siri “Cortana”, $70 CoD: Ghosts bundle, Forza 5 is 1080p but Ryse is ONLY 900p
40:18 Q&A Time: Are you getting GTA V?
45:01 Listener Comment: Fred (WiiUDaily)
47:05 Wii U storage problems. “Officer, there’s no problem here.”
54:47 What We’ve Been Playing: Disney Infinity (PS3), Hot Shots Golf World Invitational (Vita/PSN), Killzone Mercenary (Vita), Final Fantasy XIV (PC)
59:15 What We’ve Been Watching: Dexter, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Now You See Me, Riddick IMAX, The Walking Dead

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