GameFans Podcast #14 – New Vita, Nintendo F2P, and Xbox One Leaks

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This week the GameFans crew takes a look at the recently announced Vita remodel, the newly announced Vita TV, as well as Nintendo’s commitment to offering free to play games and the Xbox One leak over the weekend that showed the dashboard. Don’t miss the heated debate on whether the Vita has a sufficient game library compared to the 3DS!

01:09 Sony news: Japan gets a PS4 release date, new Vita redesign, and the Vita TV
20:00 Nintendo news: *more Free-to-play coming to Wii U, MiiVerse app coming to smartphones and 3DS “soon”
28:30 Microsoft new: Dead Rising 3 info, Xbox marketing says “no way” to giving Sony a 30% performance edge, Xbox One in the wild?
37:08 Listen comment of the day from Adrian on WiiUDaily
38:38 Q&A Time: 1. Anything wrong with the current Vita? 2. Would a 3DS owner also buy a 2DS?
48:24 Who has a better game library? Vita or 3DS?
51:58 Madden NFL 13 Vita snap review
53:30 What we’ve been watching and playing

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