GameFans Podcast #10 – NinTENdo, enRaged, & does size matter?

The GameFans podcast is back this time with a look at several Nintendo rumors and news, disappointing games we’ve played, and whether or not the size of the new consoles matters. Does size matter to you? Let us know!

You can hit play above for your listening pleasure, OR for those of you who have been asking for it, you can now find us on iTunes! Want to listen on your Wii U? Use the video above.

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  • 01:44 PlayStation 4 news
  • 07:15 Android powered Amazon gaming console rumored in the works
  • 09:00 Xbox One news
  • 21:13 Nintendo news
  • 27:55 New all black 3DS XL releases, $175 at Target!
  • 29:03 This week’s events include Disney Infinity event and Call of Duty event
  • 32:47 Q&A Time
  • 52:45 Mark’s embarrassing story

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