Have you submitted your For Everyone image yet?

Google has taken things up a notch with their latest advertising campaign. Their For Everyone ads are among the most personal and touching we have seen, but they also display how the internet helps us through our life. From the most mundane issues to the best moments of our lives, Google makes sure you remember how Chrome and the web play a part in our everyday life.

These new Chrome ads have been slowly populating the streets, and even Times Square is getting some Google Chrome love. But if you have noticed some of these images being extremely personal, it’s because they are. If you go to Google’s Gallery For Everyone you can add your own pictures and put in your own “For ____” text.

These images then get displayed in the Gallery For Everyone site and may even be displayed in the screens at Times Square. Nifty, right? Especially if you like to get creative. Take John as an example, who decided to propose to his now fiance using the screens. But you can be much more subtle and simply show some love to your friends and family, or show the world about something you believe to be awesome. It’s up to you! So go submit your photos!

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