G4 presenter thinks the Wii U has an “uphill battle”

Morgan Webb Wii UMorgan Webb, the pretty presenter at G4 TV’s “X-Play” show, believes that gamers are still confused about the Nintendo Wii U, and that the console has an “uphill battle” against the iPad and other tablets. She compares the Wii U a lot to the iPad, because the Wii U controller features a tablet screen. Webb told CBS:

“It’s really a branding problem. I think a lot of people are still confused about the Wii U. They’re going to have a hard time convincing people that this could be a better gaming experience than the iPad.”

Webb seems to forget that the Wii U isn’t just a tablet, it’s a tablet controller connected to a powerful console, which gives it a lot of possibilities when it comes to designing innovative games. Webb continued, saying that she believes Nintendo can win over the core and casual audience by introducing must-have games at E3. Many expect Nintendo to do just that at E3 next week.

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