HOT DEAL: free Chromecast with the purchase of a Moto X


Looking to buy a Chromecast and needing a new phone? Maybe you just need a new phone and can’t decide? Motorola has a pretty nice deal that might make you jump over the fence. They are offering a free Chromecast with the purchase of a Moto X.

The Moto X may be considered a “mid-end” device to those who look purely at specs, but it has proved to be more than what should have been an affordable smartphone. The Moto X has out-performed some of the best smartphones in the market and has some features you will find nowhere else.

The Chromecast is also a very neat device, and it will only get better this year. Having it for free only makes it better!

This offer is only available for a limited time. Make up your mind before 11:59 PM ET, tomorrow (1-14-2014). Go to Motorola’s site to get this deal! Will you take advantage of this offer or let it pass?