New details for Forbidden Magna emerge, including Valkyria Chronicles combat

Yesterday we showed you an image taken from Famitsu magazine that revealed a brand new game from the developers of Rune Factory. Today Siliconera managed to get a first look at some of the screenshots available for the new Nintendo 3DS game, as well as more information about what the mechanics of the game and the combat will be like. Previous entries into the Rune Factory series had action-based combat, but for Forbidden Magna, the developers are employing a turn-based system similar to Valkyria Chronicles, where combat is still taken in turns but each turn offers free movement instead of being based around a grid.

As for the management aspect of the game, the player character runs an inn that is managed with other characters in the game. Interactions with these characters improve their performance on the battlefield, similar to the mechanics of Valkyria Chronicles. So far, only three female companions have been revealed and it’s said that the game is around 50% through development. It’s slated to be released in 2014, though we assume that is for Japan only and if the title is to be localized to the rest of the world, we’re looking at a much longer window for release. You can check out some of the additional screenshots below.