First footage of Resident Evil 7 Cloud on Switch

Capcom surprised everyone when they announced Resident Evil 7 for the Switch. What was even more surprising is that the game is cloud-based and running on a remote server somewhere instead of locally.

The game is now out in Japan and we’ve got the first gameplay footage of it.

It looks pretty decent on the Switch, but it’s hard to tell how the latency affects gameplay. We’ll have to wait for the first user reviews to find out about that, and even then, a lot depends on the individual user’s online connection.

You can also check out a Switch vs PS4 comparison of the game below.

Resident Evil 7 costs 2,000 Yen, or about $18, to play for 180 days. Would you pay that to play Resident Evil 7 on the Switch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!