FireFox 4 is coming; is Chrome being threatened?

One of the great features Chrome is actually something that one should expect from any software; it’s light and not killing your computer because it uses tons and tons of memory. Although you would like any application in the world to have the same characteristics, Chrome has been very kind to my Macbook, unlike safari and, much worse, FF 3.

With the beta release of Firefox 4 something else can be seen; it’s fast, it’s not a hog anymore. It’s actually, dare I say it, nice. But not much more than that. For me it has been crashing during some tests so I’m not going to swap out my trusty Chrome just yet. Personally I had been a Firefox fan for years and it was hard for me to part with it; Chrome still has quirks I cannot really get used to. This new version seems to be a lot better than the previous ones and I got a feeling of nostalgia trying it.

New things include a better download manager, App Tabs (which is something like pinned tabs in Chrome) and easier working with images; all quite nice features. Especially the download manager is something which now is miles ahead of the one in Chrome.

We’ll write a shootout when the final version has been released. Until then; do you think you’ll try it or that you’ll even switch to it?