FIFA 19 is coming to Switch

FIFA 18 got mixed reactions on the Nintendo Switch, but apparently the game did well enough for EA to bring the next title in the series to Nintendo’s console.

It’s been confirmed that FIFA 19 will be coming to the Switch with improved graphics and gameplay, however, it still won’t be based on the Frostbite engine like other versions of the game.

Just like the previous game on the Switch, FIFA 19 will be using a custom game engine on the Switch.

What can we expect from FIFA 19 on the Switch? Here’s what Andrei Lazarescu, supervising producer for FIFA World Cup mode, had to say about the Switch version and its engine:

“The intent was never to have a one-off custom engine that were never going to touch again. It was to have that as a baseline and then build from there.”

We’ll have to wait and see how this pans out.