FIFA 18 launches this September; missing features on Switch

Today, EA released a new trailer for FIFA 18, showing off the game’s graphics, and gameplay. However, at the end of the trailer, they make a rather disappointing announcement: Frostbite, the engine that EA has been using on their big-time projects for a few years now, won’t be used for the Nintendo Switch version.

At the tail-end of the trailer, there’s a small addendum that highlights some things you won’t see on FIFA 18 on anything that’s not a PS4, PC, or Xbox One. These things include the following:

  • Frostbite game engine technology
  • The Journey: Hunter Returns mode

The video also says that “not all features [are] available on all platforms.” So, what does this mean for the Nintendo Switch version? Well, it means we’re definitely not getting the same game PS4, PC, and Xbox One owners will see this fall. We know there will definitely be a visual difference, and there either won’t be a story mode on Switch or it might be radically different from The Journey.

FIFA 18 launches on September 29th.