Festival of Magic Kickstarter is live, help bring this RPG to Wii U!


A few months ago we told you about Festival of Magic, a brand new turn-based Japanese-inspired RPG from the developers at Snowcastle Games. The above trailer is from the Kickstarter introduces you to the main characters of the game as well as some of the environments, including the farming mechanic that makes the game so unique. Currently the team is looking to gather $250k in funding from Kickstarter, though it says that amount is not enough to complete the game.

We have currently spent over $1M and will need a little short of $900k to complete the game. $250k we hope to get from all of you through Kickstarter, another $50k will come from the Norwegian Film Fund provided the Kickstarter is successful. Finally, the remaining $600k will have to come from stretch goals, pre-orders on Steam and finally, if we have to, from investors.

The farming aspect of the game is unique in that you can use it to enhance your gameplay with new features such as potion brewing and weapon upgrades, while growing new things takes care of your companions called barnacles.


These barnacles and the items that you produce on your farm are key to your surival in the game, as their products are ammunition and consumables you’ll be using in combat. Above you can see a few of the different types of barnacles in the game. The game is planned for several platforms including the Wii U, so if you want to see an original Japanese-inspired RPG on the Wii U, consider backing the project today. Currently the team has raised $25k of the $250k goal, with 26 days to go.

We’ll have more on Festival of Magic in the coming days, so stay tuned!